Biometric & Time Attendance

Biometric & Time Attendence are the new generation security devices gaining you the ability to permit or deny the entry of any unauthorised person in a particular area. These electronic access control systems are very helpful in maintaining the security of important zones such as in research and development organizations, law firms, or defence establishments. We offer a wide range of digital Biometric & Time Attendence, video access control devices, which can play a vital role in the security of any physical resource (a computers text, document, or file) or any service (such as bank account, where only limited number of people are allowed to make a withdrawal).

We Provide time management & access control solutions to all sectors of business, local authorities and central government. Whether you are looking for a biometric time and attendance system, computerised time recording solution for flexitime workers, or simply a traditional time recorder machine then we have the answer. Whatever system you are looking for we will provide you with impartial and professional advice on the right product for your company or organisation.