Building Intercom & EPABX

Building Intercom Helps to stop entry of unwanted visitors like petty thiefs, burglars, armed criminals, sales-persons, vendors inside the building. These systems are used to provide intercom facility between residents of a building and the security watchmen at the entrance gate mainly with the purpose of confirming whether the visitors should be allowed entry or not. Security men at the gate, in consultation with the residents, can screen out lot of unwanted visitors, including burglars/dacoits and door-to door sales persons. All the units are connected to the front locked door. At the building's entrance there are a number of switches each connected to a specific unit. Respectively, there is also a control panel in each apartment.
The communication between the person requesting access and the person granting it is conducted via a two-way line. After identifying whoever is at the door whether by audio or video door phone, you simply release the lock with the push of a button and "buzz" that individual in.

We are one of the leading Dealer of EPABX - Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange in India. We supply Analog EPBAX Plus that are a communication system that offers all the basic functionalities of an Intercom. These products are well designed and have the features like Abbreviated Dialing, Brokers Call, Barge-in, CLI, Day Night Mode, DOSA, Hotline, Voice Guidance and Walk-in Class of Service. The Analog EPBAX Imapkt supplied by us come with the following features that are Auto Fax Detection, Battery Backup, Call Billing & Budgeting, CLI, DID, External Music on Hold Port, Remote Programming, Paging Port, Program Backup and Restricted & Denied Dialing.