CCTV & DVR Systems

We are an authorized dealer offering wide range of portable audio/video recording CCTV cameras. We obtain these CCTV surveillance cameras from some of the biggest electronic giants thus ensuring high quality and immaculate performance of our products. Our CCTV video cameras are very popular among our esteemed clients. 

The heart and soul of any surveillance system are the CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras come in many different shapes, styles, with different resolutions and features. Some CCTV cameras are very general and can be used in a myriad of security camera systems, but some have specialized functions that limit their use to only certain CCTV applications.

A DVR stands for a Digital Video Recorder and it allows you to record the the live surveillance video that is being captured by your security cameras. We have organized each surveillance DVR model by the number of CCTV camera channels it can support at any one time.

The qualities of our wall mount standalone DVR products are unmatched, offering complete satisfaction to our valued clients. All of our standalone DVR products are available at most attractive price ranges.

• All brands & types of CCTV cameras
• State of the ART DVR Stand alone , P C Based , NVR.



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