CCTV Cameras in Lifts/Elevators

Installing CCTV Camera inside an Elevator

“Safety inside Elevator/ lift” has become an issue these days. It’s very frightening and worried to take elevator alone even in day time, as ALL NEWS shows that the crime is being happening inside elevator. CCTV Camera has become a vital device inside an elevator.

Installation of Surveillance system in elevator is tricky and complex since it is time consuming and complicated task the cabling of Surveillance system in elevator is not similar to that of regular CCTV Camera cabling.

As elevators are moving objects. Long Running Rail wires can be a real challenge. That’s the main reason we prefer TRAVELING CABLES as the most efficient type of cables that can be used for installing surveillance System inside an elevator.

Traveling cables are flat in design. The Key Parameters that are considered for the design of the elevator traveling cable are durability, flexibility, torsion balance, abrasion resistance and low temperature performance. The cable is designed for minimum strain on the copper conductors.

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CCTV Cameras in Lifts/Elevators